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Since established in 1948, we developed our business for the purpose of helping the world technology development and trust.

We implemented the automation of the machine for various electric railroads in order to contribute to restoration of the city Railway Corporation of the domestic major cities which went to ruin by war damage and provided the products such as a vehicle machine, a signal, a pantograph, the automatically electric wheel track device.
In 1954 we devised "a safe closure equipment" for the domestic first without a conductor trains and was adopted, and contributed that became no passenger-sandwiching accident.

Automatic closed door machines spread on a bus without a conductor and higher than 90% of national route bus and sightseeing buses have adopted our product now and get high trust afterwards.
We cooperate with Toyo Denki Seizo Co.,Ltd. in 1957 and are developing business as a member of the group.
We develop "photoelectric relay" and "a sound nature of a voice chime" detecting a person at the time of the bus getting on and off and offer security and supply "a carrying slope" and "the wheelchair lift" assisting the getting on and off of the wheelchair.

We supports the globalization positively too and opened a subsidiary in China 2005 and export the products of the bus related products around Southeast Asia.
We continue offering a product, the service only by the peace of mind electric equipment to the domestic and foreign clients to be supported and chosen company and repeats an effort with an employee bullet.
To all of you, we ask your favor and support continuously.


President and CEO
Toshiaki Asakura

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