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Railways business / Outline

Various types of door shutting devices have been developed according to their places of storage, interlocking mechanisms, or their relations with solenoid valves, etc. At present, their mainstream is Y4 and Y6 types of a headjamb installed and direct movement style. Aside from these, we manufacture components associated with the door system such as conductor-operated switches and door opening/shutting control devices.

Door Operating Equipment for Vehicles

Y4R- Btype
Biparting door with attenuated
strength door shutting mechanism
Y4S - 5Atype
Biparting door, broad shaped
Single-slidmg door with chime
Wamlng chime for door-openlng/Shutting
Open-Close Operation

Passenger oriented door control system

It is the most important matter to consider safety for passengers.
Each door closing force is weakened for specifild period of time after it is closed.
S o the passenger caught his / her finger or a part of clothes etc. between doors can easily pull it out.

Control Equipment
for Reducing Door Closing Force
Open-Close Operation
(privent pinched by the door)

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