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Barrier free Products / Outline

ln line with the society aiming at the convenience of handicapped and aged persons, our company is offering "human-friendly get-on/off systems" for bus passengers by developing and importing/ selling equipment suitable for particular applications in combination with our door operating equipment and safety devices.



  1. Epock-making underfloor design
  2. No blocking of entrance/exit
  3. Easy meintenance
  4. Manual backup system equipped as standard


Type F9T-DAEX K-2010 S-2007
Model Mirage K series S series
Total up/down distance 1550mm 1000mm 950mm
Minimum door opening width 1100mm 1000mm 1100mm
Length of platform 1219mm
Width of platform 771 mm 724mm 762mm

Mirage 1 Mirage 2 K Series

Portable Slope


  1. Compact and lightweight
  2. With a slippage prevention mechanism
  3. Equipped with walls for preventing wheels from coming off
  4. Will not bend due to an aluminum assembled structure


Type TKS-875AM(BM) TKS10-1000A TKS-1050A
slope plate size
(length x width x thickness)
875 x 840 x 60 1000 x 840 x 60 1050 x 840 x 60
Folded size
(length x width x thickness)
875 x 472 x 65 1000 x 472 x 65 1050 x 472 x 65
Slope plate eftective width 834
Height of the walls
for preventing wheels from coming off
Material Alummum assembled structure pasted with slip prevention strips
Mass 8.5kg 7.5kg 8kg
Maximum load capacity 2940N(300kgf)

Portable slope

Q'straint Product


  1. Q'StraintQ'straint products, the world leading products in the field of wheel chairs and wheel chair user fixation systems, are widely employed all over the world.

Track System Q-5004-T Q-8104-L K300020

Wheel chain Restraun-Track QRT Deluxe QRT Deluxe QRT mini
Q5-6100-FPD Q5-7550-T Q5-7551-TF Q5-7535-A-K
Track Cover for Track Endcap for surface rail Seat Studfitting with kab

Warning chime(Bus/Railway)


NCB-3 series
  1. The gentle voice will draw attention to the door opening and closing.
  2. We are aiming at the people-friendly bus from the standpoint of barrier-free and we installed a LED light in the center so that the door opening and closing can be checked visually.(A LED light will flicker to draw attention to the door opening and closing.)
  3. The volume can be adjusted.
  4. It is designed thin and with friendly look.

Warning chime

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